My Favorite Mineral Sunscreen

By Jess
12 May 2022

With summer finally on the horizon and beach days ahead I wanted to update this post with my favorite mineral sunscreens. I’ve tested so many and these are the ones that come out on top. Mineral sunscreen, also referred to as physical sunscreen provides a physical barrier between your skin and the rays of the sun. I’ve also included some great options for toddlers and kids. The good news is these are all reef safe sunscreens too!

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My Favorite Mineral Sunscreen

Face Sunscreen

Bright Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream

I love this eye cream and use it daily in the summer. I typically will put my regular eye cream underneath because I find it tends to settle into fine lines if I don’t.

Supergoop! Mineral Sheerscreen SPF 30

This is a great everyday sunscreen that blends in nicely (though I do notice a very subtle white cast when worn alone without makeup over it). This is my beach SPF and I like it because it doesn’t feel heavy or make me break out.

Saie Sunvisor SPF 35

You know how much I absolutely love Saie and especially the Sunvisor. It almost feels like a sunscreen and a skincare product. My skin looks so dewy and glowy when I wear it. I consider this more of my “makeup SPF” rather than a beach SPF, and it can be worn on it’s own or it looks gorgeous under makeup. It has a sheer finish.

Supergoop Cloud 9 100% Mineral Balm

I use this all winter and it’s amazing, especially for dry skin. It’s great to put on cheeks and lips as an added layer of protection. It glides on easily and rubs in quickly.

Sunscreen For Kids

Supergoop! Sunnyscreen 100% Mineral Stick SPF 50 Baby Sunscreen

I love the sunscreen sticks for face because Marin insists on applying it herself and this one from Supergoop doesn’t make a mess. It could not not be easier to apply, rubs in well and it’s so small and portable I can throw it in any bag or even my pocket so I’m never without some sort of SPF for hot summer days.

Babo Botanicals SPF 30

I used this Babo Botanicals spray on Marin when she was younger and her skin was a bit more sensitive. It does leave a little bit of a white cast but it’s amazing for sensitive toddler skin. It also lasts a really long time. I would apply it even on a really sunny day and it lasted for hours, even in and out of the kiddie pool. The spray makes it easy to apply.

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

For the price and the ease of use the Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray is hard to beat. I have tried SO many mineral sunscreens for kids and this is the one I keep going back to. The spray is easy to apply and easy to rub in (it’s a non-nano mineral sunscreen so there will be some white cast). I do think we go through these faster but with a toddler it’s really all about what’s the easiest and fastest way to apply sunscreen and this does the trick. It’s fairly water resistant but I tend to re-apply every 2-3 hours just to be on the safe side.

Sunscreen For Lips

Supergoop Cloud 9 100% Mineral Balm

As mentioned above I really love this stuff and I put it on my lips all winter long. Definitely plan to use it for beach days this summer.

Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen Lip Gloss SPF 25

A lip gloss with SPF protection! Especially great if you have an event like a wedding or party where it’s hard to stay out of the sun, this lip gloss is formulated with hydrating ingredients like organic shea butter and evening primrose oil. Plus zinc oxide for SPF 25 sun protection and it comes in a bunch of gorgeous shades.

Sunscreen for Body

Taos Aer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen

I recently discovered this lightweight mineral sunscreen from Follain and it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried. It blends into the skin with practically no white residue and doesn’t feel sticky or oily. I haven’t been able to test it in the water but it says it has independetly verified 40 minutes of water resistance. It also has a nice light scent with a blend of sage, cedarwood, bergamot, and vetiver essential oils. It’s also ocean and reef safe. Use code JessAnnKirby15 for 15% off your first purchase at Follain.

Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen

This is easy to rub on, doesn’t feel greasy and leaves no white streaks behind. It’s also pretty water resistant, I’ve applied it before swimming for long periods of time and never been burned when I wear this. I don’t use it on my face because it feels a little to heavy for that. I also really love their sunscreen mist but I go through it a lot faster than the tube. It’s definitely the quickest and easiest application but costs a bit more and I have to buy more frequently.


Isle of Paradise self tanning mouse and drops

I just used the mousse and drops this week to give myself a glow and I talk about this brand a lot because they are my favorite self-tanner. I use the Self Tanning drops (medium) mixed in with my serum at night and the Self-Tanning Mousse (medium) is my favorite for all over body self-tanning. I apply the mousse with a tanning mitt in circular motions after exfoliating in the shower. Because my skin is so dry I wait until the mousse is fully dry (25 minutes) and then apply moisturizer all over.

Favorite Mineral Sunscreens

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  1. Molly wrote:

    I only use mineral sunscreen too, but am baffled how to remove it. The only thing that seems to work is using a rough washcloth, which makes my skin dry. Any hints? Especially ones that work for removing from little ones?

    6.2.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I know it can be tough getting it off…the beautycounter body one I don’t really have an issue with I just use a sudsy soap like Farmaesthetics or Necessaire. For the baby one I just hope for the best in the tub haha. I do a bubble bath a few nights a week which usually helps.

      6.3.21 | Reply
  2. Lindsey wrote:

    Could you share where your swimsuit is from? I absolutely love it!

    6.3.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Thank you! It’s a few years old but it’s from Solid & Striped

      6.3.21 | Reply
  3. Ashley L, wrote:

    Hi Jess! Did you ever do a video on how to do the Isle of Paradise self-tanner? Total newbie and not sure if I want to go with drops or mousse. Thank you!

    3.31.22 | Reply