Our Favorite Dog Products

Our Favorite Dog Products

By popular request, rounding up all of our favorite dog products for Nora and Fuji. The food they eat, treats, toys (honestly pretty minimal on this they don’t really play with toys much), collars, coats and more. If there’s anything I left out that you’re curious about let me know in the comments!

Our Favorite Dog Products

Food & Treats

Food: Instinct Raw Frozen Bites and Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble (Duck or Lamb) – Nora and Fuji don’t really seem to have food sensitivity but they generally do best on duck or lamb. They love Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble, the pieces are smaller which Nora likes, and I top it with Instinct Raw which they are both obsessed with.

Treats: Vena CBD Soft Chews, Crump’s Naturals Sweet Potato Chews (FYI these are hard), Merrick Power Bites (these are nice and soft and great for training).

Supplements: Excel K9 , Dasuquin – The Excel K9 is expensive but we’ve been using it for years and there is a noticeable difference with Nora if we run out (she’s slower and more stiff). It’s also great for their skin and coat. Nora also gets Dasuquin twice a day for joint health and Fuji gets it once a day.

Collars & Coats

Wolfgang Man & Beast Collars: These collars and leashes are great quality, lightweight and come in tons of cool designs. They’re easy to clean and super durable. Also made in the USA.

Coats: Fuji doesn’t really need a coat but when it’s really cold we usually put one on Nora. She has this fleece one from L.L. Bean. I have heard great things about Ruffwear so I ordered this winter coat for Nora and Fuji too.

Beds and Blankets

Design Dua Basket Bed: You’ve probably seen a photo or video of Nora & Fuji sleeping in their Design Dua basket bed by now. I even got a second one and most of the time they squeeze into one together. I have a large bed which can comfortably fit one of them (Nora is about 45 lbs and Fuji is 70 lbs) but somehow they both manage to fit in one bed. And I just ordered them this bed in Vintage Indigo from L.L. Bean for our bedroom because they don’t always like sleeping in the basket beds at night.

Chappy Wrap: These blankets are so great to use as throws on the furniture. They’re super soft, incredibly durable and great quality. They’re easy to wash too. We have the herringbone and oyster cove.

Bathing & Cleaning

DentAcetic Dental Wipes: These were recommended by the dental hygienist at our vet. You’re supposed to use them daily, which I do not, but I try to use them weekly to stay on top of their teeth and they definitely help.

Douxo Chlorhexidine Shampoo: This is pricey for a shampoo but it WORKS. If your dog has any sort of skin issues this shampoo is amazing. Most of the time we just rinse the dogs with water, but certain times of year Fuji gets really bad hives from allergies to certain grass. A few baths with this shampoo usually resolves it right away. It treats itchy skin, keeps it moisturized and protects the skin barrier and you don’t need to buy it from the vet.

Dog Brush: I’m not sure if this is the exact one we have but it’s pretty close.

Chom Chom Lint Roller: Nothing is as good as the Chom Chom at getting hair off furniture. I tell every pet owner about it and everyone who gets it agrees it’s the best thing ever.

Musher’s Paw Wax: This stuff is amazing year round for protecting their paws from sand, salt, hot pavement, etc.


Furbo Dog Camera – I love the Furbo because it’s so easy to move around the house so depending on where I leave them when we’re out I can just set the Furbo up in that room. I can check on them with the app on my phone and I love the treat throwing function.

Chuckit! Rubber Ball: Fuji is obsessed with these rubber balls. They have a good bounce too so when he’s retrieving you can throw them pretty far. Nora is not much of a retriever but she occasionally likes to chew on these.

Muscle Plush Squeaker Toy: We have the reindeer version of this toy, I think my mom gave it to them for Christmas and it’s STILL hanging on. Nora isn’t a toy destroyer but Fuji is and this toy has managed to survive. Needless to say I recommend.

Flea and Tick/Heartworm

Interceptor: Heartworm preventative prescribed by our vet.

Simparica: Flea & tick preventative. We live in a very tick infested area. This kind of flea and tick preventative is essential. It’s prescribed by our vet.

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  1. Maura wrote:

    What about Hunter’s favorite things? We adopted a kitten and I ofter wonder what are some of his faves? Bed, food, litter box? Never thought I would be a cat person until I became one (:

    9.9.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Haha! Same, wasn’t a cat person until I got a cat. Honestly Hunter is pretty bare bones since he’s a mostly outdoor cat but I can definitely share his favorite things…

      9.12.20 | Reply