My Favorite Skincare Treatments

By Jess
2 Feb 2022

Can skincare treatments be considered a hobby because I think they’re my favorite. For a while, I was doing everything at home when most places were shut down and before vaccines were available. But I’ve finally been able to get a few treatments done by a professional and my skin is looking and feeling better than ever. For maintenance, I typically try to do a facial or treatment once a month and then at home I do something once a week. I have some new treatments I’m testing out, including the Dennis Gross LED Face Mask (I have high hopes for this I hope it works!) and the CoolPeel which is a laser skincare treatment I’m doing next month. Stay tuned for more on those and next week I’ll be sharing my JetPeel experience on my Youtube channel! Do you have skincare treatments you love? Let me know in the comments, I’m always curious to hear what works for people!

My Favorite Skincare Treatments

At Home Skincare Treatments

Dr Dennis Gross extra strength daily Peels

This is a two step anti-aging peel for fine lines, sun damage, and acne scars. It also reduces the look of pores. This is an intense peel. I do it once a week and do a super hydrating mask afterwards (see below). I will say this peel does burn/tingle a bit but it goes away quickly. Make sure to follow the directions carefully. If your skin is a bit more sensitive I recommend the Gentle Daily Peel for Sensitive Skin (I’d use this 1-2x a week not everyday).

Farmacy 10% Niacinamide Mask

This mask from Farmacy is a somewhat recent discovery but wow it’s incredible. This is my go-to after an at home peel or if I’m feeling super dry. A little goes a long way. You only need a thin layer and it melts into skin so no mess on your pillow.

Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask

This is basically my night time moisturizer at this point I use it so much, but that’s why I love it. A creamy, hydrating mask you can wear for 20 minutes or overnight. Hydrates and nourishes without clogging pores. I wear this over my serum at night or if my skin needs it, I’ll slather it on during the day. It absorbs into skin so it’s wearable anytime. FYI, my Follain skincare kit is back which has this mask and a few other favorites. Use code JESSANNKIRBY15 for 15% off your first purchase at Follain.

Naturopathica Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm

While this is technically a cleanser I look at it as more of a treatment. If my skin is having any issues, this cleanser is so healing and soothing for my skin. Great for dryness, sensitivity, and breakouts this product is my holy grail of cleansers. It’s also ideal for double cleansing (what I usually do when using this product). I rinse first with Farmaesthetics Herbal cleanser and follow with this. It’s very rich and creamy and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. Use code JESSANNKIRBY15 for 15% off your first purchase at Follain.

NuFace TRinity (Microcurrent at home)

I wrote a whole review of the NuFace here and I thought I did a video demonstration but I can’t find it! The best example of what it can do is after multiple, consecutive uses (I’ve been promising but I will document this!). I get asked fairly often if the NuFace is worth it. If you’re willing to use it consistently, then yes absolutely. Sometimes I’m really good and use it everyday and I notice a huge difference in my skin looking more toned and firm, but then I forget and go a month or two without using it at all. The key for me is to leave it out on my bathroom counter and do it for a few minutes every morning and night with my skincare routine. If you don’t care about using the attachments the mini is a great option!

Facial Steamer

This was one of my favorite beauty buys when I couldn’t get facials. It’s such a good price and so easy to use. I like to steam my face before doing an overnight mask. It’s also nice to do before my skincare routine as a relaxing ritual. Bonus during cold and flu season, it comes with attachments that you can use for essential oils (eucalyptus is amazing if you’re battling a head cold).

Spa/Medical Spa Skincare Treatments


I tried my first Hydrafacial a few years ago. I actually booked it by accident thinking it was something else, but I absolutely loved the results. I wrote a full review here but if you’re looking for a seriously gorgeous glow and super hydrated skin this is an amazing option. Cost is typically around $175+.


I had my first JetPeel over the summer in Rhode Island and I loved the results. The treatment feels weird, almost like a carwash for your face (?) and not necessarily a relaxing feeling but the results are unreal. The JetPeel is particularly impressive because it’s non-invasive so there’s no downtime, but it’s able to penetrate below the skin surface to subdermal layers which means you can target fine lines, sun damage, signs of aging and congested skin with fast results (glowing, hydrated, smooth skin). The JetPeel works best when you do a few treatments several weeks apart but you will see results after the first one. Cost is around $200+

tata harper facial

This one is a bit niche because it’s something that’s available at the Woodstock Inn Spa, but it’s so relaxing and incredible for my skin. I wasn’t super familiar with Tata Harper products but they’re amazing and they smell so good. My skin is absolutely glowing afterwards. If you find yourself in Woodstock I can’t say enough good things about this treatment and the Spa at the Woodstock Inn. Definitely book your appointment in advance, it can be hard to get one! Tata Harper does have some other locations nationwide that offer treatments, but I couldn’t find a directory anywhere so your best bet is to search your location and “Tata Harper facial.”

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  1. Ashley wrote:

    Thanks, Jess! That manuka honey looks amazing.

    I absolutely love your kit with Follian, and have to encourage anyone reading this to get it if they can! My face has not been scaly once this winter, and it’s got a bunch of my favorites in it!

    2.2.22 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Thank you Ashley that makes me SO happy to hear you have no idea! It’s a bunch of my favorite products too. I’m so happy we were able to bring it back!

      2.3.22 | Reply
  2. Thanks for the tips. Each and everything you have shared in this blog. Really, it is helpful. I will bookmark your site.
    homemade skin care treatments

    2.25.22 | Reply
  3. nina goodless-sanchez wrote:

    hi, i was hoping you could provide some recommendations for places to have these treatments in nyc or rhode island.

    3.7.22 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Hi Nina,

      In Rhode Island I really like Avalon Spa in Bristol for more medspa stuff and my cousin Emily at Love Living Holistics for holistic facials.

      3.8.22 | Reply