A Week Of Outfits 6.22.22

By Jess
22 Jun 2022

I’m back with another week of outfits! Happy official start to summer. It has been a pretty nice June here on the island with some very warm days which is great because the water will warm up quicker. We’ve been doing a lot of house projects and just general maintenance. Of course everything broke or needed repair the first week we were back here. It’s been a busy social month too, catching up with friends and family. Craig and I went to our first live concert in over 3 years with our friends at the Cape Cod Melody tent. I forgot what a magical experience it is to watch a live show. Here’s everything I wore over the last week.

A Week Of Outfits 6.22.22


Finally played some tennis and I really love these Outdoor Voices dresses because they are so comfortable and great for activities but also to wear throughout the day. You might also like My Top 10 Tennis Gear blog post.

What I Wore: Outdoor Voices Circle Dress (fits true to size), ASICS Gel Sneakers


Craig and I went to see Lake Street Dive at the Cape Cod Melody Tent. Our Vermont neighbor is the drummer and our families have become friends so it was such a special treat to see the band play live (our first concert in over 3 years!). Also a reminder that staying up late does not equal sleeping in, even when your child is not with you.

What I Wore: I wore the Kyra Mini Dress (xs) on the way there and to walk around before the concert with these biker shorts. I changed into the Kyra Midi Dress for night and wore it with my ABLE Bailey Jean Jacket (JAK15 for 15% off) and Birkenstocks (sized down).

Kyra Mini Dress | A Week Of Outfits 6.22.22


Mostly a work and catch up day I wrote some blog posts and did a bunch of finalizing on the Woodstock Guide (coming very soon!).

What I Wore: ABLE Jordan Short Sleeve Button Down use code JAK15 for 15% off (sized down), ABLE High Rise Stretch Denim Short (true to size), Birkenstocks

ABLE summer outfit | A Week Of Outfits 6.22.22


It was my Dad’s birthday and I also had to have an emergency root canal, yay. It was a big GSD day with car inspections, errands, and work stuff.

What I wore: Vuori Daily Leggings (xs), Vuori Sunrise Crop Tank, Salomon Speedcross, Lululemon Belt Bag

Vuori Daily Leggings and crop tank


More appointments, getting it all in, I had my yearly check-up and then we had a family dinner with Marin’s little cousin Jack (they’re the same age so it’s very fun).

What I Wore: Use code JAK15 for 15% off your ABLE purchase- ABLE Maxi Dress (xs), ABLE Sandals, ABLE Karla Belt Bag

ABLE Maxi Dress, sandals and bag


We took Marin to the park in the morning to play with her cousin. Saturday night we had a family cookout and not pictured, the 4 layers I had to put on because it was so cold. Lol, Newport in June.

What I Wore: Sezane Gatsby Mariniére, Birkenstocks (sized down), CQY Friend Jeans (went up one size)

striped summer outfit | A Week Of Outfits 6.22.22


It was a very casual Father’s Day. We took the dogs down to the beach to swim and made sand castles all morning. I was cold, Marin was running around in the water completely unphased. I got this Sweet Berry sweatshirt last week and I can’t take it off(bought one for Craig for Father’s Day and realized I needed one too).

What I Wore: Sweet Berry Farm sweatshirt, Vuori Daily Leggings, Birkenstocks

sweatshirt and leggings summer outfit

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  1. Madeleine wrote:

    I love that white ABLE dress! Is it sheer and if so what do you wear under it?

    6.23.22 | Reply
  2. Lynn wrote:

    I loved the Sweetberry Farm Sweatshirt so much that I actually called them . I think it was so much a part of my life once on my farm and I went to farm stands so frequently that I had a strong urge just wanting one. I’m a M in a tee and 127, 5’ 4. It’s so adorable on you too. I spoke to a lovely girl named Tracy and I told her where I saw it and I didn’t even live anywhere near enough to come in and purchase one . She said they ran very big and a small crewneck would probably fit me roomy not a medium , but they were a small operation and didn’t have an online site ti order one but to call her later and she would see if they were getting more in ir there was a way ti get one mailed . Yours looked dark green and not a hoodie . She had a dark green hoodie . Wistful thinking that I would get one so easily . Wish I was there right now . 😘

    6.23.22 | Reply