Vermont Bathroom Renovation

Well this has been a long time coming! I am so excited to finally share the reveal of our Vermont bathroom renovation. The Vermont house has two bathrooms, this full bath in the hallway across from Marin’s room, and a smaller half bath in our bedroom. This particular renovation was a pretty big project, as you can see from the before (below), Craig had to rip up the old tile floor, remove the existing tile shower, the existing double vanity, light fixtures and toilet (and that massive mirror).

Our vision for the updated bathroom was modern cabin, the style we’ve described for the house is Nordic New England, a mix of neutrals, clean lines, wood accents, and modern touches. When we added the bathroom as part of our addition to the RI house, I discovered Signature Hardware and fell in love with the medicine cabinets we ended up using in that space. I had the brand in mind as we were searching for pieces to update the Vermont bathroom and was thrilled when they wanted to partner on our renovation. It took very little time to find exactly what we were looking for. Read on for more of our design and thought process behind the renovation.

Craig was really set on black being a major component of the design in the bathroom. I was honestly a little hesitant because I was worried it would make the bathroom too dark, especially since it only has one window. We found compromise in painting the bathroom a bright warm white, installing white shower tiles, and using light whitewashed medicine cabinets and a white quartz countertop. One of the things I love about Signature Hardware is the ability to customize things like the sink style and countertop. I specifically wanted quartz because they are beautiful and low maintenance (since Marin will be using this bathroom I wanted a material that is durable).

We chose the Talyn Mahogany Double Sink Vanity with a Hailstone White Quartz Countertop for it’s clean lines and spacious storage. The drawers are deep and wide, which gives me plenty of space for my products and beauty tools, something I don’t have room for in our tiny half bathroom. Another bonus of the Talyn design is that it’s easy to clean. Might seem like a small detail but having the flat front doors and drawers in a bathroom makes it much easier to wipe down.

To compliment the modern look of the vanity we chose the Rotunda Widespread Faucet in Matte Black. I really love the look of the matte black fixtures in the bathroom and I think it really ties all the different elements together, from the tiled floor to the showerhead and towel bar.

The Wulan Teak Medicine Cabinets are my favorite element. They are so spacious and absolutely beautiful. It’s really nice to have the option for a surface mounted medicine cabinet. We picked a whitewash finish to bring in a neutral wood accent and I love how they add brightness and light to the space. I love how this bathroom was completely transformed into a modern, bright space that’s fitting for the whole family (or mainly Marin and me because we’ve taken over, haha). Keep scrolling for more photos and all sources linked at the bottom of the post.

Bathroom Sources

Products from Signature Hardware were gifted.

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  1. Susan wrote:

    Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Perfect in every well-thought out detail. All the best!

    5.17.21 | Reply
  2. Alycia wrote:

    Love this! What a dreamy bathroom!

    5.17.21 | Reply
  3. Karen wrote:

    Beautiful!! You have such good taste. The toilette is certainly in an odd spot right as you walk in. Seems like it would be more fitting at the other end of the cabinet. However I’m certain moving it would not be worth it.

    5.17.21 | Reply
  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    It looks fantastic! And I love the “Nordic New England” idea. You totally pulled it off.

    5.17.21 | Reply
  5. Kristina wrote:

    It looks great! Where did you go about getting/ finding the countertops? How do you do that?

    5.17.21 | Reply