The Best Takeout in Rhode Island

Some days you just don’t want to cook. Early on in parenthood, that was MOST days for us. Whether you’re exhausted, had a long day, don’t feel like going to the grocery store or want to support local restaurants, sometimes getting really good take out is what you need. I love being able to eat delicious food from the comfort of my own home and with COVID-19 it’s probably still going to be a while before we’re eating in restaurants again.

One of the requests I get pretty regularly in my Instagram DMs is for takeout recommendations in Rhode Island. I’ve responded to that question enough times to know it’s time for a blog post. There are of course so many great restaurants in Rhode Island so I’ve tried to focus on places that do takeout really well (vs. including all the restaurants I love). The nice thing about RI is it’s a small state so regardless of where you are, nothing is ever too far (unless of course you’re a Rhode Islander and anything over 15 minutes is too far). I’ve asked Caylin to chime in here too as a fellow Rhode Islander, so while this list is by no means exhaustive, here is the best takeout in Rhode Island.

Best Takeout In Rhode Island

Tong Phoon

I don’t remember how I discovered Tong Phoon in Bristol but it is hands down my favorite Thai food restaurant in Rhode Island. I dream about their red curry with tofu (I’m craving it just thinking about it), their crispy rolls are a favorite too. Call ahead or order online. Offering takeout and delivery (to select locations).

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I will drive 40 minutes one way if it means Rasa for lunch or dinner. Rasa is one of my favorite Indian restaurants and their takeout does not disappoint. I really love how many vegan friendly options they have on their menu too. The okra fries and cauliflower 65 are so good but seriously you can’t go wrong with any of their apps. Call ahead for takeout or order online, delivery available to select locations.

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DenDen Café Asiana

DenDen has always been our go-to spot for Korean food in Rhode Island. They also have some Japanese specialities like Soba and Katsu. One of my menu favorites is Jap Chae, a Korean dish made with sweet potato noodles stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables. I also LOVE their Sunomono which is a chilled cucumber salad (the dressing is SO good). Call ahead to order.

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Providence Coal Fired Pizza

Craig and I loved going to Providence Coal Fired for pizza and wings back when eating in restaurants was a thing. Their coal fired wings are out of this world and their pizza has the perfect thin, crispy crust. They also have great salads and apps. Call ahead or order online. They have three locations: Providence, Westerly, and North Kingstown.

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Plant City

Plant City is the stuff vegan dreams are made of. With three different restaurants in one space they have something for everyone. From vegan burgers and pizza to tacos and pasta the menu is out of this world. A few of my favorites are the cacio e pepe, tofu chicken nuggets, chorizo tacos and the ensalada de piscatotes. You can order online for curbside pick-up or delivery service (to a limited radius).

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Plant City X

A new addition to Middletown, Plant City X is the vegan fast food joint everyone will love. With comfort foods like burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, cobb salad and breakfast burritos, Plant City X will keep even the carnivores happy. Pick-up and delivery service (to select locations) available. Order online or in person.

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Sea Shai

A solid sushi spot, the portions are generous and their rolls are reliably good. They don’t have a ton of fancy rolls, but they do the classics well. They also have some amazing Korean food, the beef bulgogi is outstanding.

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Chez Pascal

Chez Pascal is great spot for French cuisine in Providence. With a seasonally based menu they source many ingredients locally. Offering dinner takeout from Tuesday-Saturday. Order ahead online.

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Siam Square

When we’re craving noodles, Siam Square offers some reliable options! They’re conveniently located on-island and have tasty offerings, their drunken noodles are great.

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Humming Bird Newport

Another Rhode Island restaurant that sources fresh ingredients from local farmers, Humming Bird serves up Jamaican fare like jerk chicken, curries and oxtail. They have a Caribbean style vegan burger and smoothies too. Order takeout online (they are currently closed for the winter until April 2021).

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Matunuck Oyster Bar

If you draw the line at shucking oysters yourself, (and who can blame you really) Matunuck offers oysters to go! They’re so fresh and phenomenal, we were so glad we gave them a try. Their takeout menu is expansive, and as far as we can tell true their in house dining menu, we also recommend the Oyster Po Boy.

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Plouf Plouf

Tiverton, RI’s best kept secret, this tiny French bistro makes insanely delicious food. Like on par with dishes you’d eat in Paris. They’re not open all year so check their website for hours and announcements. The croque monsieur is a must!

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Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana

We’re two girls who used to live in New York City, so pizza is a priority. Shockingly it can be a bit of a challenge to find a quality pie around here, but this place has phenomenal options that feel authentic. Check out their menu for several classic options, including Italian deli style sandwiches.

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  1. Lynn wrote:

    OMG all so good I’m hungry looking at those pictures. We don’t have anything that compares here that I’ve seen and I didn’t even know about them last year when I visited . I hope to get back one day . Yummy!

    2.11.21 | Reply
  2. Jbollwage wrote:

    You missed Celestial Cafe in Exeter!

    2.22.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Oh never been need to check it out.

      2.24.21 | Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      They’re fantastic! Take the back roads (it’s on rt 138) back from the beach one day and try it!
      I’m so glad that you included Matunuck Oyster Bar. He does so much for URI and sustainability.

      2.28.21 | Reply
  3. Susan Martin wrote:

    Noodle102 should be #1

    2.24.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Never been now I definitely need to check it out!

      2.24.21 | Reply
  4. Katie Gill wrote:

    Love all these options, I haven’t tried a few so I’m excited to check them out! Have you tried Sprout and Lentil yet? All vegan, and really great comfort food burgers! They are only take out, and I feel like they do take out/delivery really well!

    2.24.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      OMG I can’t believe I didn’t include Sprout & Lentil in this. I knew I was forgetting something. They are one of my faves thanks for the reminder Katie.

      2.24.21 | Reply
  5. Mariah wrote:

    Love pasta beach takeout!

    Also sun and moon for Korean in Providence!

    2.28.21 | Reply
  6. Mariah wrote:

    I love takeout from pasta beach

    Sun and moon in Providence is my favorite Korean spot!

    2.28.21 | Reply
  7. Jenna wrote:

    Two of our go-to take out places in Warwick: Ironworks and Sophia’s Tuscan Grille. Both so consistent and so good!

    2.28.21 | Reply
  8. Stefanie wrote:

    Definitely Revival Kitchen in Warren! Some of the best food I’ve ever had, and holds up well even for takeout ( which some does not!)

    2.28.21 | Reply
  9. Lee E wrote:

    LOVE Matunuck Oyster Bar

    2.28.21 | Reply
  10. Tabasc wrote:

    Yummers! I know PC is GF friendly, love them. Any other GF peeps know about the rest?

    2.28.21 | Reply
  11. David Colligan wrote:

    Love Reading, Thank you.

    3.11.21 | Reply