My Favorite CBD Subscriber Sale (50% Off First Month!)

By Jess
20 Jul 2022

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of Equilibria CBD and they are having an amazing subscriber sale right now (more on that below). I first started taking Equilibria CBD postpartum and haven’t stopped since. It has been an absolute game changer for me in terms of managing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and dealing with things like headaches and period cramps. I was always a bit of a CBD skeptic until I started taking EQ consistently. When I forgot to take it was when I noticed how much it was improving my overall wellbeing. As an avid CBD user, Craig has tested a lot of different brands and he swears by Equilibria. I talk a lot about how much I love it but today I wanted to share more about my current CBD routine, favorite products and what I use them for.

I also love that Equilibria is a women-owned brand, and they prioritize great customer service and experience. Their subscriber sale is 50% off your first month (use my code JESSANNKIRBY50), and subscribers get 25% off every month after that (they recently reduced their subscription prices across the board). They also partner with a farm outside of Boulder, CO to grow and harvest their hemp, employing organic farming practices.

Before I get into my favorite CBD products here are the sale details: 

  • All subscriptions will receive 50%+ off the first month of any Equilibria subscription (25% off every month after that) valid 7/20-7/24
  • My code JESSANNKIRBY50 will be open for new and existing subscribers!
  • Dosage support. Connect with a dosage specialist for free to help you personalize your routine to meet your health goals when taking CBD.
My CBD routine - Equilibria gummies, softgel and daily drops

My CBD Routine

When you sign up for a subscription you also get a free call with a dosage specialist. They are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you to the proper routine to meet your health needs. It was especially helpful for me as I was learning about CBD and trying to figure out the right products. Here’s a bit more about my CBD routine and the products I use on an as needed basis.

Everyday CBD Routine


  • 1 Daily Gummy – I take a daily gummy in the morning with breakfast and as needed. I find that they usually last until lunch time and take about 30 minutes to set in. It’s not something I always notice but if I’m having a particularly anxious morning I notice the sense of calm I feel as it sets in. Occasionally I’ll take another gummy as needed.
  • 1 Daily Softgel – I take a daily softgel either with my daily gummy in the morning or a little later in the morning. These tend to last almost the entire day so I usually am all set until bed time.
  • Daily Drops – Craig prefers the daily drops which he takes in the morning. These are pretty fast acting and occasionally he takes another dropper at lunch. He takes CBD for pain management and anxiety as well as help with sleep.


  • Sleep Gummies – This is probably my favorite Equilibria product to date. They have helped so much with getting a restful night sleep and I never feel groggy the next morning. Craig and I both take one at night about 30 minutes before bed. I’ve had incredible feedback from fellow readers who’ve started using the Sleep Gummies too.

CBD products as needed

  • Relief Balm – I swear by the relief balm for period cramp relief. It works quickly, the key is reapplying as needed. Craig uses this for back and neck pain as well.
  • Recovery Roll On – This is great for fast acting relief for sore muscles or neck pain/headaches. It’s kind of like a CBD icy hot and I love that it’s totally mess free with the roller ball applicator. I always bring this on road trips.
  • Mindful Mineral Soak – I don’t take a ton of baths but if I do I’m using the mineral soak. It’s amazing for sore muscles, cramps and if you’re just not feeling great. I used it when I was achey with Covid and it was so soothing. If I’m getting a migraine I’ll take a bath with the soak and if I have bad cramps it’s my go to. When my Mom was here visiting and hurt her back I made her a bath with the soak and it really helped. This makes a really nice gift too!

Disclosure: if you buy something through the links on this blog, we may earn an affiliate commission. We only feature products we would personally recommend. Thank you for your support.

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