Gift Ideas for Pet and Plant Parents

My people! I know a lotttttt of you are pet and/or plant parents, or maybe you’re just pet/plant obsessed. Either way, this is the gift guide for you. Yes, Nora, Fuji and Hunter each have their own stocking, and the majority of Christmas morning is spent watching them open gifts, basically the entire morning. Whether you’re shopping for your a furball or a plant lover, hopefully this list will help with gift ideas.

ONE: Pups get cold too. This fleece from L.L. Bean comes in a few sizes and colors, is soft and cozy, and more importantly easily washable. The other great place for dog coats is Dover Saddlery, their fleece and waterproof jackets are great.

TWO: Show your pup loving pride with this cute glasses case.

THREE: Hate leaving the house because you have to leave your fur baby behind? Keep tabs on them while they’re home alone with a camera that has night vision, the ability to give them treats and two-way chat.

FOUR: Teepees are obviously super cute but they can also help your pup or kitty feel safe, particularly if they’re the anxious type.

FIVE: The cutest planters to add to a windowsill or plant shelf. Buy a little succulent and plant it for your gift recipient as an extra special gift.

SIX: Fresh herbs all year round, sign me up!

SEVEN: Yes dogs and cats need massages too. Nora looooves getting a massage particularly on her sore shoulders and hips as she suffers from arthritis. This massage roller helps relieve tightness and tension for your fur baby (it works trust me)!

EIGHT: The bed everybody asks about. Nora and Fuji somehow manage to squeeze into the large size. This Etsy store also makes woven basket beds in lots of cool colors. Kitties love them too.

NINE: We did Wisdom Panel for Nora and Fuji about a year ago and it was so fun to learn more about them and what kind of mystery mutts they are.

TEN: I love this little book. It contains lots of helpful tips for maintaining your houseplants and also plenty of ideas for what to get. If you’re looking for a good place to get plants online, I love The Sill.

ELEVEN: A dreamy coffee table book for the garden enthusiast.

TWELVE: The perfect gift for any gardener, take the guessing out of it and help them monitor their soil’s pH levels for ideal growing.

THIRTEEN: Cute to look at but also super helpful for those tricky plants that just need a little mist.

FOURTEEN: This stuff is a lifesaver, especially if your pup has sensitive/dry/cracked paws in the winter. Sidewalks and streets are covered in chemicals and toxic stuff that can irritate their pads, particularly when it starts to snow and they’re dumping de-icer everywhere. We put this on Nora and Fuji’s paws before walks and it works wonders.

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  1. Oh my gosh those planters (no.5) are so cute!!

    Rebecca |

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